Logo carries the values of the brand identity, acts as the face of your company and directly affects the consumer perception.


Logo is a symbolic representation of the company’s story. A well-designed logo creates an emotional bond with people and increases brand awareness. This representation is how consumers form their first impression of a brand. Therefore, the brand identity reflected through the logo directly affects the consumers’ perception and decisions.

What Does the Logo Mean for the User?


Brands have customizable features. For instance, they can be defined as strong, dynamic, reliable, elite which are generally human attributes. Brands can build a connection with the heart and minds of the consumers if there is an effective brand promise. Brand identity is the reflection of the brand value, is the total of distinct characteristics that make it stand out in the market. The central element of identity is the logo. It is the first remarkable statement about the brand in the eyes of the consumer.


What Logo Design Means for the Brand


A successful logo design has the power to influence the consumer’s decisions. It attracts the attention of the consumers, conveys the main message of the brand and creates brand awareness by separating itself from its competitors. From the smallest printed material to the size of a building, the logo should be recognizable and reflect the brand values successfully. Therefore, logo design is definitely a brand asset and has the power to affect the brand performance. So, it is important note that logo cannot be reduced to solely aesthetic choices.


Brand awareness refers to the perception of the brand in the consumer’s mind and it is important to keep this perception up to date. New cultural trends and development within the market along with changing business models, the brand identity renews itself over the time. As brand strategy changes often the logo gets redesigned to preserve its attractive position in the eyes of the target consumers.


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