The advantages of having a multi-disciplinary team working in unison are innumerous. With 20 years of experience in a vast range of sectors, and all phases of product realization, we are here to serve you our extensive know-how.

Arman Design Multi Disciplinary Experience

Team of Engineers, Designers and More

Having designers and engineers collaborating back and forward in every stage makes sure production and commercialization can be accomplished as smoothly as it gets. Our teamworks to maintain the elegant aesthetics of the initial design, up until the manufactured end-result.. With a design-thinking mindset, we solve technical problems and business challenges of all kinds through creative responses.

Integrating Distinct Design Disciplines

Understanding different disciplines is what makes a designer well rounded. A product designer who knows the key principles of brand messaging can implement the characteristics into the product from phase one. Going beyond our expertise boundaries and integrating different tools and methods sets our design team apart. So we can skillfully create a holistic and powerful expression of your brand, reflecting through product characteristics, packaging design, digital prints, retail design and brand identity.

Arman Design Multi Disciplinary Team

Spectrum of Sectors, Business Sizes and Needs

We have experience with a diverse range of industries and clients with different business models. Our comprehensive view is the result of hundreds of case studies. So we now hold a broad problem-solving library and a deep decision-making perspective. This vast experience allows for cross-pollination, and breeds innovation for our clients.

Phases and Key-Players of Product Realization

Due to 20 years of background, we don’t just know how to get your goals accomplished: We are an expert on how they won’t be accomplished! Our practice includes all stages of an idea turning into a successfully commercialized product. This means endless learning through trials and errors with not only manufacturers and suppliers, but also user behaviors. So for us, an idea is only as good as its execution.

Arman Design Multi Disciplinary Experience

Case Study: Arcode Design Story

Arcode Integrated Lift Control Unit is a very unique product worldwide, combining different industrial functions in a single body. The product called for huge attention, earning top design and technology awards as it provides major conveniences for the users and has remarkable design features.

A three-layer use approach was planned in ideation, considering the usage scenarios and service conditions. Different layers are to be accessed for different levels of operations. The design was beyond our clients’ expectations and sector standards, attracting a considerable attention from the customers and creating a strong brand identity. The structure allows for hassle-free operations, shortened operation durations and increased efficiency.The manufacturing took a complex engineering process and the results were very innovative.

Long story short, we’ve already fallen the pitfalls that are ahead, for you. Now with an accurate map of the process, we offer our clients the luxury of pro tips and cleared short-cuts. Our multi-faceted experience is ready to serve a smooth journey to successful commercialization. Through our collaboration and know-how, you can be sure that you’ll go further, faster.

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