Packaging can be both a versatile marketing tool and an integral part of logistics…


Scientific research shows that 70% of the purchases of the grocery purchases are made on the shelves. The packages on the shelves are effective in the purchase decision as much as the product price. We can understand the importance of packaging better if we think of it as a silent salesman with a huge advertising potential.



Packaging is a critical element in developing an effective brand identity. Making a good first impression with packaging is very valuable for the performance of the product. In addition to providing a strong communication with the customer, it also performs many different functions such as transportation, storage, conservation, and reusing. Planning the recycling for packaging after completing its task is also important in terms of life-centered design.


Packaging accelerates the decision-making process of customers who encounter many products during shopping. Thus, it is an effective platform to differentiate the product from its competitors and increase sales. Even though it is thought that the act of buying is made with rational decisions, emotional decisions are known to be more decisive. Many people are not consciously aware of the effect of emotions on purchase or impulsive buying behavior. Packaging designers play the role of building this emotional bond that manages the purchasing process.


As Arman Design, we offer design, management, and production consultancy on plastic rigid packaging. In the process that starts with market research and trend analysis, we develop brand and packaging design, sharpen brand identity. We ensure that your brand is in harmony with your current and future customers. Our team adds value to the product by benefiting from both industrial product design and packaging design disciplines. We create innovative designs within our body in two and three dimensions and test them. We undertake the individual phases of each project, from feasibility and concept design to production.


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