Humanized products, refined research and inspired strategy are essential foundations of successful solutions that understand the market with quick adoption and speed.

People are more design understanding than ever and can tell in seconds when a solution has missed the mark.


For these reasons, insights into people’s needs, desires, hopes and pain points need to be revealed by incorporating various research techniques in this crucial process, such as traditional discussion guides, recruiting and interviews.

The process continues during ethnography combined with exploratory concepts and co-creation that advances the conversation, discovering new possibilities that may not have otherwise come to light.



Arcode Integrated Lift Control Unit is very unique product in all over the World which combines VVVF inverter, control board and evacuation system in a single package.


Offering many functions in a single device, Arcode provides the users with major conveniences. The product, the design and design engineering works of which were realized by ARMAN DESIGN, attracted considerable attention in front of the customers. A three-layer use approach has been created in the product with its engineering developed by considering the use and service conditions of the product besides its visual design language.


The two layers, which contain Arkel's technology is placed in the cabin, which can only be reached by its own technical service. In the second layer, in which various configuration changes have been made, the project owner can make the desired electronic changes in and additions to Arcode. The last layer, on the other hand, is the section, which can be reached by the maintenance personnel and where the necessary controls can be made. The hand terminal, which enables all mechanical adjustments over the inverter, which attracted considerable attention with its unique design at the fair, contains many functions of use with its colored screen interface.

For the company Arkel "ARCODE" Integrated Controller Driver and Evacuation has won the awards for best design categories. This product was manufactured by a very complex engineering process. Besides the exceptional works of design, engineering, electronics, mechanical design and programming were done by highly professional teams of both companies and the results are very innovative. ArCode, with its innovative Integrated Elevator Control Unit ARCODE, won the technology award given by Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK), Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) and Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSIAD). 

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