Arman Design has been serving innovation for over 20 years as a creative consultancy.

We design to improve life and deliver distinctly better experiences.

We take responsibility for the investment in design. The experience we gained from different sectors allows us to predict the problems that may arise in various situations. We provide solutions with our knowledge. Once an investment is made with this responsibility, an opportunity to make more profit in the future arises. With this goal in mind, we take the necessary steps to manage the resources effectively in order to find ways to use the resources better, to start on product diversification, or to provide other benefits.

We Work in an Open Office

Creating a culture of shared ideas enhances creativity and brings innovation. As Arman Design, our team enables interaction in different perspectives in the natural flow of product development. This is because we believe that different ideas collide with or support each other during these interactions in the workflow. Innovative solutions and concepts thus are the results of this interdisciplinary and shared culture.

Case study: Asmed Chest Unit

A strategical correction due to user research was involved in the case with Asmed, a medical company. Our client requested a medical bed from us, assuming it was the ideal solution for better serving their customers

The user research however revelaed that they actually needed a comfort solution for their patients.

Changing our route from a bed to a chest support unit, we designed a unique product that created %25 efficiency. The operation duration was shortened to 3 hours from 4. And 2 people were now enough to help the doctor, instead of 3, lowering the number of human resources needed. As for the patient, the product reduced the pressure on the neck and increased personal comfort during operation. The company’s goal was successfully accomplished beyond their expectations.

Arman Design Business Innovation and Creative Planning
Business Innovation Asmed Chest Unit Case Study
Business Innovation Asmed Chest Unit Case Study
Arman Design Business Innovation and Creative Planning
Arman Design Business Innovation and Creative Planning
Arman Design Asmed Chest Unit Case Study for Arman Design Creative Planning
Arman Design Asmed Chest Unit Case Study for Arman Design Creative Planning

How Can Business Innovation Serve Your Company Success?

Idea generation is the first phase for innovation. Here we explore ideas and narrow them down with viability, feasibility and desirability in mind. The purpose is not solely to do something different and new, but creating results that people will love! Only the ideas that can produce value counts for us. This creates a unique identity for your brand and ensures you stand out from the crowd.

We Offer Solutions which Facilitate Life

Innovative designs are goal-oriented, and they solve a particular problem. Therefore, the innovative value of design is determined by the conditions it is in. However, it is not enough to only set a goal to connect with the current issue. Above all, one should know innovation is for people to benefit from and improve their lives. In this regard, it is mandatory to comprehensively understand the user and take into consideration the compatibility, accessibility, and other user needs.

We Design and Produce with Empathy

Empathy is the basis of service or product design. Being able to go to the root of the problems and analyze how people approach to situations open new windows in design.

We Take Conscious Steps Towards the Future World

Innovative designs occur as a result of conscious steps. They achieve a certain goal beyond aesthetic appeal and adhere to core values.

Case study: Health Kit for Home Use

Our Health Kit project with Rosio is a good example that earned major design awards, including IDA in 2019.
Checking your vital signs at home is essential to preventing health risks from ahead. As a first in the world, we combined the three fundamental instruments, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and thermometer in a practical portable device kit.

The target users were mostly old, sick or disabled, and had reduced motor function skills. The user research set us two UX challenges: One was to design with ergonomics for accessibility in mind. Second, we intended to beat the stigma of having medical devices around, preventing users from feeling depressed from implications like oldness or sickness.

We accomplished our goals with large handling surfaces that are easy to use, and neatly packed aesthetic looks.

Arman Design Health Kit Case Study for Arman Design Creative Planning

Innovation is not the end, but the beginning of the journey of product development.

Keeping the technology up-to-date, and actualizing design open to development by taking into account the technology of the future from today make a difference in the long run.

Innovation is not a temporary process, but a method of approach.

Growing companies are the ones who have succeeded in having innovation as a core part of their organization and have developed the culture of investing in design.

The whole purpose of business innovation and creative planning is generating value for the organization. This can be due to creating new revenue channels, or increasing and fulfilling the potential of the existing ones. May it be efficient solutions to save time and money, or increasing productivity and performance… Working smarter requires thinking creatively. Long story short, innovation aims to generate higher profits and improve your business.

Arman Design has been serving innovation for over twenty years as a creative consultancy. We design to improve life and deliver distinctly better experiences. Having won over 20 major design awards, we’ve helped companies create their unique brands by delivering multi-faceted products in alignment with their end users desires.

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