For achieving the perfect result, we make delicate customizations at every stage of the development process, from prototyping to the point of meeting with the customer.


In the context of current design engineering process, we make analysis in order to improve the current designs or the ones that are being designed.

Prototypes are built and tested; then after several iterations, pilot run of the manufacturing process is conducted. Necessary adjustments are made prior to finalizing for manufacturing phase. In addition to continuous performance tests, we also carry out market testing to check the acceptability of the product among the defined customer group.

Production Management

Manufacturing Management

We pursue product customization, individualization and diversification capabilities throughout development process. These include aspects such as functional and visual diversification, and product family extension planning. We recurrently make analysis based on product performance monitoring.

The first stage of product development is the integration of ideas and possibilities. Process of product development starts here, management will continue until the stage of commercialization of ideas. Genius ideas are developed by smart management and will be carried out, implemented, and commercialized by effective methods.

Productivity Oriented Management

Planning, efficiency, profitability and the development of the manufacturing process are very important points for the benefits and the return on investment projects.

Product specifications, manufacturing speed, quality control, packaging must be carefully managed. Innovations should be integrated at all stages in order to keep a stable production. All this is managed by the expert team of Arman Design in order to simplify the work with confidence and save you in all circumstances.

Productivity Oriented Management

We follow new trends to progress in the manufacturing process and this benefits both parties, plus the customers. Moreover, we prepare full report explaining all stages of manufacturing to keep record and share with our clients.

Production Services of Arman Design
Production Services of Arman Design
Production Services of Arman Design

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