With our multi-disciplinary team including engineers, we develop products that are not just attractive but also functional, technologically enhanced and ready to manufacture from A to Z.

Product Engineering

From concept to production planning, we develop products with the use of CAD engineering tools, providing the best in feasibility and viability. We bring a compilation of manufacturing data and models into complex production package.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical layer design is developed with respect to product character and functioning, without compromising on cover design. Our solutions are continuously tested in computer simulations untill they are perfected.

Design engineers take part in building and testing the prototype, then revising the design, until a viable end product is determined. Translating performancespecifications into technical specifications is a part of this phase. Design incorporates both form and function.


Engineering is a part that needs to be managed particularly carefully. This is a vital step for the realization of a product. Time, teams, choice of all materials, enterprise, labor, conditions, everything must be perfectly managed with a total synonization in order to procure the best result.


For a powerful project to be beneficial and feasible, the investor, the supplier and the engineer must be in an efficient environment. Relationship intelligently built between those parts generates favorable and beneficial consequences.

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