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Arman Design is a design strategy company. We understand the essence of the problem, create solutions, design, engineer and build a path to successful commercialization.

In the beginning of each project, our clients and their users perceptions are studied and analyzed, shaping the outlines of the project at hand. Considering the psychology of the target consumer, we emerge with a brilliant design that enhances and maximizes their productivity, self-validation and joy. But this is only where our process of development begins.

With our multi-disciplinary team including engineers, we develop products that are not just attractive but also functional, technologically enhanced and ready to manufacture from A to Z. Then, ideas are developed by smart management and will be carried out, implemented, and commercialized by effective methods

Arman Design Services
Arman Design Team and Services

Productivity is increased as we strategically translate business challenges into product opportunities. We provide our customers with benefits from design and engineering continuity achieved with product line life-cycle planning. Moreover, we ensure evaluation of innovative concepts and reporting on implementation results.

Engineering is a vital part that needs to be managed in total synonization with complementary aspects for the realization of the product. Prototypes are built and tested; then after several iterations, pilot run of the manufacturing process is conducted. Necessary adjustments are made prior to finalizing for production phase.

In addition to continuous performance tests, we also carry out market testing to check the acceptability of the product among the defined customer group. We implement cost-cutting strategies based on feasibility studies into the design process. And pursue a sound balance between cost-creating and quality-conditioning criteria.

The creative team of Arman Design, customers and partners work together as a team to design the future investments. We design to improve life. Through intelligent products, we help companies connect with their customers emotionally and gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Arman Design Team and Services
Arman Design Services

Based on Design Thinking methodologies, we help companies to shape their future based on strategic design. We design systems, services and business models that observe the market, offer added value and ensure sustainable profits.

We offer our 20 years of expertise and know-how to help our clients fulfill their potential with solutions that go beyond the problem.

View our Design Strategies to get a better understanding of our approaches.

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