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Murat Armağan was born in Istanbul in 1973. He graduated from Mimar Sinan University Department of Industrial Design in 1996 and started his career as a lighting designer. After working as a lighting and urban furniture designer, he worked with various companies designing payment systems and communal technologies. In 2003 he founded the T-Design INC. with Technology Holding in order to develop innovative projects. He led several futuristic conceptual projects in his 4 years at T-design, which was the first corporate design agency investment of its time.

In 2006 he founded Arman Design, a client based industrial design and project development agency. His designs have won prestigious international awards such as the RedDot, IF Design and Good Design Awards. Armağan has been invited to present his projects and talk about the economic value of innovation and design at multiple conferences. Between 2013-2014 he acted as a professor of Industrial Design at Mimar Sinan University.

Today he is actively involved in projects at Arman Design all the while working to improve product development culture and design based strategies in the industry.

“At Arman Design, we bring successful projects to life starting from an idea, developing it all the way to design, prototyping and commercialization stages.

The largest and most established companies in Turkey trust in us with their design investments.”

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Arman Design Team and Services

“Our philosophy is turning creativity into a business through scientific methods to generate high value and create design centered commercial opportunities with our customers.”

“Our designs are meticulously managed from the ideation to production. After production and sales, we observe user expectations in order to further develop our products. We actively take part in every stage of the process to learn more about product-user interactions.”

Murat Armağan gives seminars in various universities and organizations about Design Processes, Project Management and Innovative Technologies. He continues to create design based strategies together with the multi-disciplinary team at Arman Design.  His company product range from technology devices to consumer electronics, communal technologies, medical devices, payment technologies and defense industry.

Armağan is also a jury member at IMMIB, OIB, UIB and Municipality of İstanbul Design Competitions. As a member of the advisory committee of UIB, he has been invited to talk at panels about the future of automotive industry.

Murat Armağan Red Dot Design

“We need to head towards areas which can provide efficient and logical solutions to make the best of our country’s resources. A strong industry is only possible with quality production and high value products and services.

The easiest way to achieve this is through innovation, R&D, design and technology centered activities.

For a safe and sustainable future DESIGN IS THE BEST INVESTMENT.

“Companies who are experiencing an economically challenging period should see innovative projects and new product designs as an opportunity to get out of their crisis. In an age where digitalization has allowed for businesses to be closer to users than ever before, opportunities are endless. Parallel to digitalization the definition of product and service design is shifting radically. Companies which are keeping up with the changes have more promising futures.”

About Murat Armağan
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Bringing tables together with timeless designs since its journey began 75 years ago, Jumbo prepares an advertisement campaign with Murat Armağan representing the subject of Product Design, who proves lines that are designed with emotions create a difference.

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