Intelligent simplicity for life-centered design.

Product Design Works Product Design

Innovative projects that strengthen urban identity and value to public spaces.

Urban Design Works Urban Design

Emotional strategies for a common creative approach.

Brand & Packaging Works Brand & Packaging

We work together with our clients for an excellent future.

Design Strategy Approach Design Strategies

Design meets technology.

We provide a complete design process with our team of both designers and engineers to present you an end result, ready to manufacture. This gives us the rare statistics of having over %90 of our projects come to life and get commercialized.

For over 20 years, Arman Design have been serving a wide range of clients with our expertise in product design and development.

Arman Design Services


Arman Design is a comprehensive design, development and engineering company. Our interdisciplinary experts, designers and engineers use industry knowledge, modern technologies and business experience to produce creative and innovative solutions.

Our designs are based on research data and shaped by empathy and logic/rationale. We innovate with client requirements, target market expectations and user experience in mind. Our solutions range from packaging to medical devices including electronics, furniture, lighting and kitchenware designs.

Innovation strategy is the keystone of successful companies and is indispensable for companies seeking long-term competitive advantage on the market. An innovation strategy overcomes market barriers by adhering to a coherent, mutually reinforcing policy and behavior aimed towards a competitive goal. Good innovation strategies encourage unity among various groups within an organization, clarify goals and priorities, help focus efforts around the same plans of action.

Design Services

Arman Design Services

We design to improve life. Through intelligent products, we help companies connect with their customers emotionally and gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Engineering Services

Arman Engineering Services

With our multi-disciplinary team including engineers, we develop products that are not just attractive but also functional, technologically enhanced and ready to manufacture from A to Z.

Production Services

Arman Production Services

For achieving the perfect result, we make delicate customizations at every stage of the development process, from prototyping to the point of meeting with the customer.


Arman Design Consultancy

We offer our 20 years of expertise and know-how to help our clients fulfill their potential with solutions that go beyond the problem.



The design process begins with understanding our clients and their needs. The initial feasibility study consists of a market analysis, an economic analysis, and technical & strategic analysis for further development.


New ideas and product strategies are explored through concept sketches. This is a way to translate client’s business problems into product design solutions and has the power to move the imagination of both users and investors.


Form design refers to the physical appearance of a product; its shape, color, styling etc. Other aesthetics aspects such as image, market appeal, special identification and finish, are also a part of this phase. Then comes the simplification process with user experience and production in mind.


Design engineers take part in building and testing the prototype, then revising the design, until a viable end product is determined. Translating performance specifications into technical specifications is a part of this phase. Design incorporates both form and function.


Prototypes are built and tested; then after several iterations, pilot run of the manufacturing process is conducted. Necessary adjustments are made prior to finalizing the design. In addition to continuous performance tests, we also carry out market testing to check the acceptability of the product among the defined customer group.


The final design consists of detailed drawings and specifications for the new product. This includes accompanying process plans and instructions for manufacturing with details such as necessary equipment, component sources, job descriptions and work instructions.

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