Company Structure: Company department structure represents basic design disciplines, which comprise product development process, and consists of Design Department, Engineering Department and Project Management Department. The company structure aims at customer focused service, design diversity and high productivity.

Arman Design brand assets are their process approach, scientific methods of work and wide range of associated designers. The expert designers with experience in specific business fields join projects that require their specialist skills. This allows to diversify the design approach among design team, structure and schedule design process in accordance with the project matter and achieve project goals in shortened time.

Arman Design gives priority to innovation and value added to basic products in design process. The company pursues registered quality and patent liability of designs as project results. Arman Design owns numerous patents and has already developed patentable designs for their clients.

The company delivers all patent registration services for its customers and ensures low cost and effective results upon procedure finalization. The company cooperates on license-basis with clients, with whom it is bound with patented developments, and manages production launch of respective patented designs.

Research & Analysis

Concept Development

Industrial Design

User Interface

Design Engineering

Rapid Prototyping

Production Management

Quality Management

Brand & Packaging

Cost Strategies

Murat Armağan Murat Armağan
General Manager
Hatice Armağan Hatice Armağan
Creative Design Director
Ali Şahinkaya Ali Şahinkaya
Design Director
Halit Ekici Halit Ekici
Industrial Designer
N. İrem Erdem N. İrem Erdem
Industrial Designer
Uğur Albayrak Uğur Albayrak
Design Engineer
Yusuf Kiraz Yusuf Kiraz
Mechanical Engineer
Sami Çatak Sami Çatak
Mechanical Engineer
Feyyaz Kürkçü Feyyaz Kürkçü
Mechanical Engineer
Yasin Toker Yasin Toker
Finance Manager
Selim Öztunç Selim Öztunç
Production Manager
Ümran Gülmen Ümran Gülmen
Finance Asistant
Özdem Güler Özdem Güler
Office Asisstant

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