Best Print 3D Printer wins Red Dot 2023 Award

Designed and engineered by Arman Design for Redon, “Best Print 3D Printer” proved its strength by winning the Red Dot Design Award 2023. The 3D printer’s technology has been developed by Redon and is a pioneer in its category. Our creative crew’s innovation and design that centers around the concept of high technology has led us to end up with a successful product. Best Print, which has met users and the medical market, has started to win the most prestigious design awards in its category. After the German Design Award 2023, the product got the highest mark from the jury for its impressive design and the powerful impact of its user interface. This success is a proof of our creative crew’s hard work and our strong cooperation with our clients.

Best Print 3D Printer

Best Print® is a compact DLP 3 Dimension printer that’s been designed for dentists and dental technicians who aim for the best. Along with its exceptional performance and utility, Redon Best Print® is a product that embraces sustainability by its practical usage and application solutions. Redon Best Print®, which offers a brand-new approach to 3D print solutions, has been appreciated by the Red Dot Design Award jury for its foreseeing design and quality. Red Dot Design Award evaluates the high quality, manufacturing and compatibility with the aimed category of the product’s design. Red Dot represents the best evaluation approach in the design award field. The projects that Arman Design developed has won many of the most prestigious awards in the world, Red Dot being in 1st place.

Best Print 3D Printer Concept Sketches

Redon Best Print® offers pioneering solutions in the 3D print field.

With the products they developed, Redon Best Print® has quickly ended up with the leading position in the 3D print market. Along with technology and creative solutions, Redon is accepted as the trend-setter company with its commitment to sustainability. Redon comes forward in the competition by making strong collaborations in the design field. Being awarded by Red Dot is a prestigious honor that highlights commitment to perfection and the promise of offering the best services for your clients. Best Print 3D printer solidifies its success by winning the Red Dot 2023 award.

Redon Best Print® 3D printer comes forward with offering fast methods that can easily be used by anyone by enhancing the interaction between layered manufacturing and people, which is a method to be used in the future. Redon Best Print® produces permanent dental restorations and medical guides using special polymer resin, therefore gaining production performance with high sensitivity in fast prototyping. Thanks to the rotary knob on the front panel, the product can manage the whole process by itself by guiding the user. The live broadcasting feature allows the user to follow the production in real time by utilizing a built-in HD camera. With the touch screen, the product allows access to more features for advanced users. With the Click-open Effect, the lid opens and closes with just a single touch.

Best Print 3D Printer

These features have been developed with precise engineering and design solutions. The most ideal interface for users has been designed by utilizing Redon’s rational software solutions and functional features that support the design like the real time watch screen and the knob interface. The product managed to gain many design awards’ attention with these features. Executing projects with added value, Arman Design collaborates with Redon and brings the market together with pioneering projects.

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