Redon One Dental Milling Machine

Redon One Dental Milling Machine

  • Year 2022
  • Services Concept Design, Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Prototypes

The use of Redon construction prostheses is designed as a high-tech owner for something special. To prepare for dental materials in dentists and dental technicians’ own clinics for detailed technical technical equipment, industrial tools and equipment. Redon One has a compact design that makes all space equipment suitable for desktop use, together with an extremely practical usage area. Redon R-One, the reproduction of the innovative design of the machine-user product, was created as an end-user with a lean profile design with radius, elegant, rational form transitions. Device; It brings the user together with a perfect make-up of transparent acrylic, soft plastic coated and satin metal materials.

Concept Design Industrial Design Design Engineering
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