RAI-70/ LAP 70

RAI-70/ LAP 70

  • Customer AKTİF
  • Year 2022
  • Services Concept Design, Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Research

RAI 70 Remote Alarm Indicator monitors all alarms and events of the whole Isolated Power System and displays them on its LCD and LEDs as well as creating audible alarms. Remotely monitor all alarm information detected by the Isolated power system. Up to 32 supported insulation fault monitoring device. Remote insulation test and fault contact outputs.

LAP 70 Local Alarm Panel indicates alarms like insulation fault, overcurrent, transformer over temperature visually and audibly that are detected by the IMD 30 insulation monitoring device and stores each event with their timestamp.

Concept Design Industrial Design Design Engineering Research
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RAI 70 Remote Alarm Indicator

LAP 70 Local Alarm Panel

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