KARACA Hatır Barista Coffee Machine

KARACA Hatır Barista Coffee Machine

  • Customer KARACA
  • Year 2022
  • Services Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Rapid Prototyping

Introducing Karaca Hatır Barista, an advanced Turkish coffee machine that combines technology with a refined design. With its user-friendly approach, it enables the production of Turkish coffee, cappuccino, and latte. The practical mixing module allows for the creation of various coffee-milk combinations. The design features coded geometry, colors, and materials for easy understanding. It offers a keypad and guiding light display for effortless use. The sleek black material is complemented by glossy and matte surfaces, while the handle and lid add color variations. Developed by our creative team, this practical and functional product delivers an enjoyable experience for users.

Industrial Design Design Engineering Rapid Prototyping
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