3E The Solution-Gentle Power Home Cleaning & Sanitation Set

3E The Solution-Gentle Power Home Cleaning & Sanitation Set

  • Customer 3E Clean
  • Year 2022
  • Services Concept Design, Industrial Design, Research, Design Engineering

3E The Solution is a new ecological home cleaning concept by using the power of electricity to boost natural ingredients into powerful detergents. The concept consists of 3 concentrated, vegan+plant-based detergents for all application areas+reusable spray bottles. Via electrolysis the diluted solution is transformed into a super-powerful, yet completely non-toxic cleaning product. That reduces consumption of alcohol, bleach + harsh chemicals as well as energy needed in transporting + storing. 3E The Solution uses electrolysis to transform natural ingredients into highly efficient, wholly non-toxic cleaning agents in beautifully designed and functionally sophisticated containers, thus conserving resources and reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in wastewater.

Concept Design Industrial Design Research Design Engineering
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3E e-Booster device is the only ecological, economical, and effective cleaning and disinfecting Solution.

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