Health Kit for Home Use

Health Kit for Home Use

  • Customer Rosio, Istanbul
  • Year 2018
  • Services Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Interface Design, Production Management, Rapid Prototyping, Quality Management

Medical Device Design

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The health kit for home use is a specially designed medical device kit in measuring the vital signs at home. This medical device design with anti-stigmatic aesthetics, all-in one compact use and accessibility for a variety of user abilities enhances the medical experience at home.

Health Kit is a successful product advised by doctors with its portability and easy-to-use design and technical properties. The product has won two international design awards, IDA and A Design.

Industrial Design Design Engineering Interface Design Production Management Rapid Prototyping Quality Management
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As we grow older, we all will need to take care of our health with more attention. Checking our vital signs at home regularly is an essential part of this care.


Now imagine you’re older, having a more fragile body and health issues. How would you feel? And how could the objects you interact with be designed more intelligently to help you would feel better about yourself?


These were the questions that allowed us to #createwithempathy when designing the Rosio Health Kit for Home Use. The emotional connection the user will have with the product is at the heart of our design approach.

Designing Emotions and Changing Behaviors


An aspect of the health kit’s design aims to prevent the negative emotional states created by having medical devices around that imply aging or disease. The stigma around this subject deeply effects the lives of the individuals.


The research showed a significant ratio of users prefer not using medical aids and health care devices due to this psychological aspect, even if it means being faced with higher health risks. For us, this is not confusing, this is only humane. We identify ourselves with the objects around us and naturally we want to be identified only with what we find attractive.


As Arman Design, we wanted the users to feel good about themselves and their lifestyles and enjoy using the device with positive implications of taking care of themselves. Having this in mind, we worked around a modern technological look to change the stigmatic effect through design style.

All-in-one Compact Experience


As a first in the world, we combined the three fundamental measuring devices in controlling the health at home: the blood pressure monitor, the pulse oximeter and the thermometer in a practical portable device kit. This product with its aesthetic design brings the three and the data recording interface together in a tidy manner.


The cuff is stored inside the main body, making our health kit neatly packed and easy to use. For measuring the blood pressure, the cuff is taken out of its cabin on the main body. When the user is done, they place the individual items back to their places, then place the kit neatly back to where it stands.

Our research pointed out to the importance of track-keeping in aiding healthcare professionals for early diagnosis and prevention. However, the users typically either recorded it manually on a notebook, or not at all. With our health kit, the result of the measurements are seen and automatically recorded on the monitor to keep track.


The device kit bringing all together in a modern compact form can be openly showcased at home. The anti-stigmatic design removes the need to hide the mess in cupboards, bringing more accessibility for the user, and a positive feeling about their lifestyle.


This is how design touches our daily lives, reframing our experiences, changing our behaviors, and silently causing #creativeimpact on our lives.



Three combined products are especially used by elders and the sick; a group of users who often have reduced motor function skills. Ergonomic considerations outlined the details of the design in order to produce an accessible device which does not create disabilities.


A big handle and a large interface make it easier for the users to handle the devices autonomously. Also, the resting position of the users were considered in having the screen angled and easy to see while placed on a standing surface.

Checking your vital signs at home is essential for preventing health risks from ahead. Taking the human-centered approach and doing the design research, we as Arman Design defined the product strategy: We set ourselves the challenges to create aesthetic looks to beat the sickness stigma, while designing for accessibility for a variety of users with different physical and mental skills, plus neatly packing the instruments in a simplistic and practical way. All three was successfully managed, bringing this innovative product to life, enhancing the medical experience at home.


Following the engineering phase and the testing prototypes, the product went through serial production planning including product optimizations for cost and sales strategies, all taking place under the roof of Arman Design. The company Rosio benefits from their products on innovative medical device design, earning a market advantage over their competitors. The product has won two design awards in 2018: International Design Award (IDA) and A Design. We as Arman Design are proud to take the approach to #designforlife, that is rewarding for all those involved.

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