R-One Plus Compact Milling Machine

R-One Plus Compact Milling Machine

  • Customer Redon
  • Year 2022
  • Services Concept Design, Industrial Design, Research, Design Engineering

Redon One is a compact machining center with advanced technology that is capable of milling specialized materials used in the production of dental prostheses. Its design enables dentists to easily produce high-quality dental prostheses within the clinical environment without requiring extensive technical knowledge or industrial tools and equipment.

The machine features an automatic tool changing mechanism and a water tank to facilitate practical operation without requiring operator intervention. The curved clear acrylic design allows users to monitor the entire machining process, providing a clear reflection of the brand’s material and texture identities as defined by our team of designers for Redon.

Concept Design Industrial Design Research Design Engineering
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Redon One+ is a state-of-the-art automatic milling machine that produces high-quality dental prostheses. At the same time, the compact housing with its all-round clean design perfectly reflects the demand for progressive high-tech, hygiene and precision.

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