E-Bot Eraser Sharpener

E-Bot Eraser Sharpener

  • Customer Serve Stationery, Istanbul
  • Year 2016
  • Services Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Rapid Prototyping

New Product Development

A Combination of School and Fun

Its diverse funny characters make E-Bot an ideal fit for children who just started going to school. This product combines a no dust-no trace quality eraser with a double hole sized sharpener. With its shiny and durable eraser cap, the eraser is kept clean. The sharpener cap also provides a clean use and keeps the waste inside. In the product development process of the new E-bot Eraser & Sharpener, we put ourselves to our users’ shoes and created with empathy. At the end, we created a product which facilitates school adaptation and is great for school use.

Industrial Design Design Engineering Rapid Prototyping
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No matter what age we are, it is always a challenge to change our environment and lifestyle. It is the familiar details of our habits that facilitate the adaptation process.


Now, let’s go back to our childhood days when we first started school: Imagine how those days of endless fun came to an end and the traditional school structure started to shape your life… What could make this transition easier?


This is the framework we need in order to #CreateWithEmpathy. That way, we begin the process by putting ourselves to user’s shoes.

Emotional Connection Beyond Functionality


Since toys are not allowed in school, products that help children adapt to this new environment and connect with their imagination become very significant especially during this period.


E-bot is an eraser & sharpener with a character; it is the friendly figure that motivates the child to learn in a disciplined environment. In this respect, E-bot is a multi-purpose object that the child can build an emotional connection with. Plus, it is a way for families to support their children during this period.


In this period, the distinction between work and play isn’t clear-cut. Therefore, school items that remind them of play create a common ground. #CreativeImpact reveals itself when the products we design affect the children emotionally and make a change in their lives.

Multi-Functional Features


With its functional use and fun design, E-Bot can be carried in pencil cases. In elementary school, pencil sharpener is a critical item because mechanical pencils aren’t used yet. The receptacle of the pencil sharpener allows the students to use their pencil without making a mess of pencil shavings on the desk. The sharpener is suitable for different sizes of pencils. The sharpener is protected by a solid cover so that pencil shavings and dust particles are kept together in the receptacle, and the pencil case is kept clean and tidy.


Eraser has a lid so that other pens in the pencil case can’t stain the eraser. Moreover, the high quality eraser does not leave any dust and traces on the erasing surface. A face is drawn on the durable lid of the eraser, giving it a significance which encourages the continuous use of the item by the user, the child.

Character Design and New Product Development


The practices in the industry show that characterized products are much more preferred for the identified target group, but product characterization is often limited to application of graphics and drawings, or just the head part.


Unlike these examples, E-bot is like a mascot, presenting a complete figure with full body. Furthermore, the body parts of the figure and functionality of E-bot complement each other.


The eraser is covered with a transparent container which evokes the image of an astronaut head. Also, the glass container is where the facial expressions of our robot character are situated. Double size sharpener inlets are located at the feet of the character figure. The receptacle is found where the lower and upper part of the body is separated. The arms of the figure also act as the surfaces that enable the body to stand still in horizontal positioning.

E-Bot and Type Family


Product character of E-bot is a cartoon-like figure, a funny robot. Keeping the model fixed, products were easily diversified by changing the facial expressions through printing and color.


E-bot offers diverse colors and types that can appeal both to girls and boys. Happy, sad, confused, playful… Children can choose their favorite among different options. Afterwards, children can swap the heads with their schoolmates, try different color mixes and typologies.


This way, the eraser sharpener goes beyond its functional duties and becomes a social tool that children use to build emotional connections with each other.

Perfecting the Details of the Experience


Details are essential to perfect the user experience. After strategically designing a product, the engineering process determines the quality of the product. Then, the prototype production and user tests take place to make the right iterations.


The details that prevent the eraser from falling out, ensure it to put in place. Details like making the sharpener lid working well and long-lasting, stabilizing the eraser lid in place with ease are all a result of diligent work. These small details actually make up a large part of product satisfaction.

Success of the Product on the Shelf

Representing a full body character, eraser & sharpener E-bot is the first product character design project of stationary sector in Turkey.

Creating an identity for a product is the value that manifested itself on the shelves. The diversity of facial expressions positively affected the purchase decisions of the consumer as soon as they encountered the product on the shelf.

Our #DesignforLife approach directly affects our new product development process as well as the performance of the product. Children enjoy choosing from different types of E-Bots as they feel a connection. Offering diverse options, E-bot Eraser Sharpener is ready to be friends with your children this school year.

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