• Customer Erisim Systems, İstanbul
  • Year 2017
  • Services Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Printed Materials

Logo and Corporate Identity Design

Erisim (Access) Systems is an ambitious brand in elderly and disabled access with the motto “Freedom and mobility in all areas is the right of all individuals”. A simple logo and corporate identity language has been designed with the seat type lifts. With the logo the brand aims to emphasize the comfortable experience in the home or similar places.

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Logo design for the brand reflecting the seat type stair lifts that facilitate the life of the disabled and elderly.

The modern production process that emphasizes the quality control of the brand is shown with the CD, envelope, letterhead, signboard designs.

We have taken into account its advanced technologies and innovations as an elevator manufacturer in the brand’s corporate identity and printed materials.

The logo color palette is a combination of our unique design language with the experience of Erisim Systems.

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