Business Class Aircraft Seats

Business Class Aircraft Seats

  • Customer TSI Seats, Istanbul
  • Year 2016-2017
  • Services Research, Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Cost Strategies

Customer Experience Design

High quality aesthetic design and maximum passenger comfort together.

Smart engineering and customer experience design solutions make TSI products modular, easy to maintain and customizable with lower part counts in market comparison. These aircraft seats, designed with aesthetic materials, provide a special flight experience for short-haul flights. Arman Design has enriched these seats’ functional capacity as well.  The electrically powered seat has all the necessary features and more, from the monitor to the foldable table.

Research Industrial Design Design Engineering Cost Strategies
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Project Topic

Arman Design carried out the design, design engineering and prototype management of Royalux Airplane Seats developed by TSI Seats.

Summary of the Project

Arman Design carried out the product design for TSI Seats, a Turkish enterprise, in compliance with the standards and test conditions for the business class aircraft seats. In the end, this product design agency created an original product range with ergonomics of use, mechanical properties, and function units that can easily change in production. They also conducted the surface and mechanical engineering for all shell parts of the product. In all, this product line took its place in the market as an important localization project.

Innovative Aspect of the Project

This airplane seat developed for the first time in Turkey has appropriate engineering specifications for international tests. Arman Design carried out the transition studies on many criteria such as the number of parts, lightness and mechanical strength. While the seat became lighter with sponge and application techniques, the seating depth increased without extending the seat dimensions.

Activities Under the Project

The ergonomics of use in the product strategy have been determined according to the criteria for features of flexible installation in aircraft. This design agency conducted industrial design studies for the product as well. After choosing the design that would meet the conditions, the engineering phase started. In accordance with the production methods and techniques, this design center did the mechanical engineering studies and prototype production. Finally, he product was developed according to the tests and feedbacks made with the working prototype, and production started.

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