The Book Sharing Vending Machine

The Book Sharing Vending Machine

  • Customer İSBAK, İstanbul
  • Year 2022
  • Services Research, Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Design

The Book Sharing Vending Machine allows users to read books in public spaces, at public transportation points, during transportation. Users can choose the book they want to read and borrow from vending machines with the system they have registered before. After reading it, it can be returned to any vending machine in the city. In this project realized by Arman Design in cooperation with ISBAK, it was aimed to spread the perception of a circular library to the whole city rather than a vending machine image. With the circular library module being transparent, the book collection can be viewed and examined from all directions. It is an innovative urban project that combines a design approach that invites users to read books and a culture of sharing. The Book Vending Machine quickly brings the book selected by the user to the delivery division  and opens the cover lock and delivers the book to the user. In the case of a return, the user enters the information about the book to be returned on the screen and places the book in the receptacle in the front of the machine. After a short approval process using RFID technology, the book is accepted and the return process is completed. The project, which intends to increase cultural circulation as well as human circulation in the city, aims to create value in public spaces.

Research Industrial Design Design Engineering
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