Street Lighting Poles

Street Lighting Poles

  • Customer Vairous, Istanbul
  • Year 2013
  • Services Research, Concept Design, Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Production Management, Quality Management, Brand and Packaging Design, Cost Strategies

Urban Lighting Design

Efficient, long-lasting, environmental and economical.

Street lighting poles and fittings have a great influence on urban design. In other words, they play a key role in the appearance of our living spaces. With the right lighting, the main form of the facades and roads in the city becomes evident. Lighting sources such as street lights provide the flow and safety of city life in the dark or in difficult weather conditions. The lights that keep their functionality without exhausting effects on individuals help to perceive the environment correctly and make life easier for everyone. As Arman Design, we are enhancing the look of the streets in the dark.

Research Concept Design Industrial Design Design Engineering Rapid Prototyping Production Management Quality Management Brand and Packaging Design Cost Strategies
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Why Do Cities Need Street Lights?

Cities are high density settlements that contain different groups of people. Most of their populations are engaged in business, industry, service or management. There are many factors for this population to sustain urban life effectively. One of these factors is that their life should continue at night as well. When it gets dark, it is important for people to perceive their environment and continue with their lives. At nights when natural light cannot be used, artificial light or, in other words, urban lighting comes into play.

The main purpose of the cities is to create an environment that gives confidence to its users and to make life easier for them. Cities, which should enable a relaxed and healthy life, should illuminate places and buildings at night and improve the quality of life.

Street Lighting to Increase Quality of Life

In order to increase the quality of life, the city population should continue to use physical space at night as well as the day and benefit from all the social and cultural opportunities of the city. At this point, at night, the concept of artificial light comes into play. Without light, no one can perceive the environment and all the facilities of the city will not be utilized. Therefore, innovative lighting designs have an important role in these cities, which differ every day with their developing technologies.

Night illumination of cities plays an important role in people’s relations with the city and the environment. The right lighting designs facilitate the users to perceive the environment. At night, the illumination of the surroundings provides security. Lighting designs also add a new identity to the general appearance of the city and make the cities beautiful. These products illuminating the dark streets reflect the the modern stance of the cities.


Cities can be defined as organisms that live 24 hours a day. The lighting plan of each city should be designed in accordance with its own characteristics. When there is no general plan for urban lighting, random lighting will spoil the appearance of the city’s values as well as cause light pollution. Safety, aesthetics and the amount of light are 3 important elements in the design of city and street lighting.

Street lighting has an important place in the night life in the cities. Lightning designs should have a modern look and reflect the settlement. In cities that never sleep like New York, Tokyo and Istanbul,  lighting is an important element defining the city life.

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