Spark Lightbar

Spark Lightbar

  • Customer Armas Electronics, Ankara
  • Year 2014
  • Services Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Production Management, Quality Management, Cost Strategies

Functional Industrial Design

Having a robust design, Spark is suitable for use in different areas. Specially designed lenses increase the strength of light. It is possible to communicate with other warning groups. This lightbar also has a speaker. Overall, this high performance product has an aesthetic design. It is a functional design with both light and sound warning system. With its innovative design approach, Arman Design presents industrial design solutions that make a difference from design to production.

Industrial Design Design Engineering Rapid Prototyping Production Management Quality Management Cost Strategies
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Arman Design carried out the design and engineering of the lightbars for use in police, ambulance and security vehicles. These are the products of Armas Electronics, which continues its activities in the security sector.

Summary of the Project

Arman Design made industrial design studies for Spark On Vehicle Lightbar. The product, designed in a modular structure, is compatible with different vehicles. In addition, this design center developed special components suitable for different optical needs instead of importing. Arman Design team added more features in signaling technical lighting of the product as well. The product design agency also managed the prototype, molding and the production management of the product. At the end, the product has achieved the standards with its structural features and signaling performance, and the company has gained an important place in the sector. Later, the design agency developed different complementary products for the company and completed the entire product series.

Activities Under the Project

Arman Design team defined the usage features of the product. They created a product strategy and carried out the technical studies for the existing electronic equipment and lighting system. Arman Design then examined the national and international specifications and carried out the optimization studies. This design was developed modularly to be mounted on different vehicles. With studies on engineering, the team developed prototypes and limited production. Afterwards, they made vehicle assemblies and initiated the test phase, and received feedback on field tests. At the end, improvements were made according to technical and IP standards. Product molds were produced, production quality, material selection and production practices followed.

Apart from these, Arman Design carried out market research and competitor analysis, copyright and patent research, feasibility studies and technology research, cost and feasibility studies, industrial product design activities, computer aided design (CAD) and engineering activities, critical project management (CPM) and procurement process management and production planning.

Arman Design has designed a product with a fine design and an aerodynamic geometry on the vehicle. This product can be positioned close to the ceiling, with optimum use of the interior volume. The design has a strong form that carries the identity of the company. In terms of R&D quality, Arman Design provided a lighting solution to the vehicle signal with LED lighting modules. Moreover, this industrial design agency developed a special lens for the Spark Lightbar and created an easy-to-detect lighting solution. Due to the projector-specific illumination design on the vehicle, an easy viewing opportunity was provided during the night patrol without leaving the vehicle. The projector module, which is positioned with a led module in a very small area, provides a strong illumination on the sides of the vehicle at close range.

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