hiFimyFi Store

hiFimyFi Store

  • Customer Bircom Technology, Istanbul
  • Year 2018
  • Services Concept Design, Design Engineering, Production Management, Cost Strategies

Experiential Retail Design

Lifestyle ideas and new sound experiences.

HiFimyFi has opened its first concept store in Kanyon. One of the best examples of experiential retail design, hiFimyFi offers a whole new customer experience by offering a wide range of music appliances, sound systems, accessories, entertainment and lifestyle ideas.

Concept Design Design Engineering Production Management Cost Strategies
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In this digital age we are in, it is not enough for a retail store to have only the products consumers are looking for. Because many products are also available in online shopping sites that can be reached with one click. In order to compete with the appeal of online shopping, the retail design industry highlights the concept of “experience” that is not fully available on websites. Experiential retail design, which is the name of this new trend, aims to offer consumers a better experience and increase the time they spend in the store.

How Should a Creative Retail Design Be?


Brands should definitely consider their target audience in the experiential retail design. The impact of social media, which now has a large place in our lives, should not be underestimated. Stores should consider how to bring social media and their designs together.

Technological developments are as important in the retail world as they are in the digital world. Now, for many customers, the product experience has an important place in purchasing processes. Stores which can combine technology and sales strategies are the ones turning out successful.

One of the new trends of this period in the retail world is to try to provide customers with a atmosphere like home. It is aimed that customers feel at home while spending time in the store. A relaxed environment make customers to spend more time in the store as well. With that, the brand value as well as the money spent increases as well.

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