Curve Kiosk Family

Curve Kiosk Family

  • Customer Kiosk Innova, Istanbul
  • Year 2014-2015
  • Services Industrial Design, Design Engineering

User Experience Design

Curve Series offers multi-purpose use opportunities such as check-in and promotion. These series can be used anywhere from shopping malls to individual stores and from sports centers to airports. They create a functional product group for sectoral self-service solutions. Curve series, which is an exemplary product group in terms of user experience design, combines quality with high technology and offer an innovative perspective to the service concept. Kiosks developed to meet all kinds of needs of users have a user-friendly interface. The talented team of Arman Design has developed this product with its great engineering and design services.

Industrial Design Design Engineering
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Curve Kiosk Series, which has become a favorite of users with its ergonomic design, is a unique industrial design example. This product series has optional features such as Wi-Fi adapter, 80 mm thermal printer, plexiglas casing, PC camera, steel keyboard and trackboard, card and barcode reader, telephone set. Apart from these, this series also offers specially tailored design options to the corporate identity. This series, which can come in unlimited colors and shapes, is the ideal choice of technology that can match the concepts of stores and branches.

Curve series is suitable for indoor and outdoor use such as retail offices, stadiums, corporate event areas, meeting rooms, shops, presentation centers, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, fairs, interactive marketing areas.

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