4 Good Design Awards In 1 Year!

Good Design® is one of the world’s renowned design award programs. The prestigious award, which has continued to reward successful products since 1950, aims to raise awareness of contemporary product design and honors industry leaders as well as products. As Arman Design, we have won awards in the fields of Electronics, Transportation, and Industrial in Good Design. We believe that we have expanded our power in design and gained international visibility. We developed four successful projects together with our customers and won awards for each.

Here are the Good Design Award Winners:

Digital Tachograph

Pars DT-101 is the first Turkish digital tachograph device with an EU Type Approval. The hardware and software of this digital tachograph are developed in Turkey by Turkish engineers.

According to the law, it is obligatory for all commercial vehicles to wear a digital tachograph. These devices contain data on activities of the driver and the vehicle up to 1 year, such as the speed, distance, use, and rest time. Digital tachograph vehicle units also record information about error as well as sabotage attempts. Data storage operations are carried out under the directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. The access control system in this digital tachograph provides different permissions for different users.

This device supports 30 languages and informs the driver about the end of the activity with a single click. In this way, drivers will not violate the deadlines. The design of this tachograph considers road safety as well as the safety of commercial vehicle drivers.

Fibermak Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fibermak Momentum Gen-3, a metal processing machine working with laser cutting technology, is the result of two years of intensive work. This latest technology laser cutting machine stands out with its excellent design on top of its strong and durable parts. The high-performing product’s rigid bridge can go up to 4G acceleration. With this feature which provides a great advantage in passing through the parts, Fibermak achieves high tolerance processing in the industry.

Fibermak reduces production time and increases productivity by an average of 15% per hour. The complexity of the piece and efficiency are directly proportionate: the more complex the part, the higher the efficiency. This device continues to operate with great precision even under heavy conditions and draws attention with its strong body structure, design details, and unique form.

Standing out with its control panel, light safety barrier, and junction corner, Fibermak is hungry for awards. Apart from this award, Fibermak won the prestigious iF Product Design and the RedDot Design awards.

4 Good Design Awards in 1 Year for Arman Design

Function Fuel Dispenser

Many industrial types of equipment, such as fuel dispensers, typically dismiss any concern for the end-user. For conventional pieces of equipment, only functionality remains at the forefront. However, the design of Function Fuel Dispenser exceeds expectations. This dispenser creates a striking design language with its refined structural lines and functional details. All pieces of the product, such as composite control panel, keypad, ventilation panel, and hangers, come together with a simple, functional, and smart design.

The multidisciplinary team of Arman Design, consisting of engineers and designers, had unaccustomed solutions for Function. While these solutions added value to the brand, they also provided cost advantages. Combining aesthetics with a great design in terms of production and cost strategies, Function increased its brand value and quality. In the end, its features and perfection in design brought Function the Good Design Award.

EVO-II Abkant Press Machine

This Abkant Press Machine works fast and silent, and saves energy. In conventional press brakes, the pumping system always runs and wastes energy. On the other hand, EVO-II abkant press machine only uses energy when the machine is bending. In this way, the grease in the machine does not always heat up and a long-lasting use is ensured.

The 60% energy saving makes EVO-II the most eco-friendly press brake ever. This new generation hybrid press machine provides flawless bending even for small parts at different points with its high repeatability and bending precision. In the design of this product, pressure is not lost through proportional valves. In the end, this press machine creates the highest bending efficiency.

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