Ke-Support Offers a Comfort Beyond Expectations

Ke-Support chest unit is an innovative medical product which improves the efficiency and comfort during the hair transplantation procedure. We worked with Asmed, which operates in the medical field, to develop world’s first chest unit for hair transplant surgery.
The product reduces the back pressure and increases the quality of the operation, providing a better experience for both the patients and doctors.

Consumer and Market Research

Our client Asmed, requested a medical bed from us in order to provide a better service for their patients. We then followed several operations, and noticed that patient discomfort caused prolonged operative duration. We conducted consumer research to identify the main source of the problem and create the best solution. This way, duration of surgery shortened, costs were reduced and the number of nurses needed to assist the doctor decreased while the quality of service increased.

Comprehensive understanding of consumers is key to develop the right product strategy. Organizations often struggle to see the big picture and define the exact problem, but design thinking approach aims to get 360 perspective through empathy.

Consumer research showed us that patient were seeking comfort just during the operation. Thus, we observed and analyzed the activities during the operation to formulate solutions.


Product Strategy

Innovative products transform a company’s strategy, operation and service as a whole. Brands stand out in the market with the help of unique ideas which create brand value and identity.

Our problem-solving framework is defined by our human-centric design strategy. We are able to approach a problem from different angles and develop a product strategy for the common good of all the beneficiaries.

Our aim is to develop a comprehensive approach and create value for organizations. Ke-Support chest unit exceeded the client’s expectations. The product benefits both patients, doctors and the rest of the healthcare staff. We analyzed the causes and consequences of the problem very carefully and developed a comprehensive approach to find the best and most innovative ideas.

Product Development

Product development is a journey that starts with an idea and continues with prototype testing. We gathered ideas and information by focusing on the solution rather than the problem itself. Throughout the development process, feedbacks from patients, doctors, and nurses are evaluated constantly. Our multi-disciplinary approach enabled us to gather insights from multiple actors and overcome the commercial challenges.


Ke-Support breast support unit, facilitates the surgery efficiently for both patients and doctors. Thanks to the breast support unit, operation duration decreased from 4 hours to 3 hours, and the number of nurses needed to assist the doctor decreased from 3 to 2.

Reliability and efficiency are the key factors for moving the health sector forward. When designing medical products, we aim to improve the quality of life for patients and doctors and staff as a whole.

You can find more information about Ke-Support on our product page..


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