Biometric Security Time with Mia Technology

Rapidly developing and growing technology provides us a great comfort in many areas from shopping to security. Documents such as identity cards, driver’s licenses, passports, which were used more in the past, were replaced by encrypted, password or pin-coded systems over time. All of these systems always put forward user experience and aim to provide the best for customers. Nowadays, these encrypted, password or pin-coded systems turn out to be inconvenient for many. Users often lose their personalized cards, passwords are either forgotten or captured by third parties. As a result, the security of individuals and institutions is compromised and technological systems which ensure the satisfaction of users are needed again. Here, biometric technologies come into play.

Biometric Recognition Kiosks UX Design

What is Biometrics Used For?

Biometrics is a specific technical feature which can be extracted from a person’s physical (fingerprint, finger vein, face, iris, etc.) or behavioral (signature analysis, keystroke dynamics, etc.) sources. The data obtained helps biometric technologies used for security and access control based needs.

How Do Biometric Technologies Work?

Biometric systems operate by only using a person’s own features and have two stages, namely recognition and verification. While the records are collected as a code in the recognition phase, in verification the mentioned person is compared with the records. Biometric systems are distinguished by models such as fingerprint reading, iris and retina or facial recognition.

Biometric recognition systems save people and businesses from the trouble of forgetting passwords or their accounts intercepted or hacked by others. It has a more accurate and secure identification system than systems like pin codes.

These systems are also difficult to copy and cannot be transferred by others. Moreover, they are compatible with mobile systems. Overall, biometric recognition systems are one of the most user and customer friendly systems around.

Biometric Recognition Kiosks User Interface Design

Arman Design developed biometric recognition kiosks for Mia Technology, as part of the company’s new generation products. With their unique design which puts emphasis on user experience (UX), these kiosks differ from other kiosks or products with interactive display.

This design creates efficient space use in circulation areas with its easy use and ergonomic user interface design. Special lighting surfaces design of these kiosks supports the features of the product and enhances facial recognition performance. These products, developed for public spaces where transition security is critical, direct the users with their form language.

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