Award Winning Design Health Kit – Case Study

Checking your vital signs at home is essential to preventing health risks from ahead. As a first in the world, we combined the three fundamental instruments, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and thermometer in a practical portable device kit. With its aesthetic design for avoiding sickness stigma and the cuff stored inside the main body, our health kit is neatly packed and easy to use. Considering the ergonomics for accessibility, our product offers the users an enhanced medical experience at home.

Health Kit for Home Use won the International Design Award in 2018.


As a strategical approach to business innovation, our creative planning process for this product was an examplary journey. As a first in the world,we combined the three fundamental instruments, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and thermometer in a practical portable device kit with an aesthetic design.

The target users were mostly old, sick or disabled, and had reduced motor function skills. The user research set us two UX challenges: One was to design with ergonomics for accessibility in mind. Second, we intended to beat the stigma of having medical devices around, preventing users from feeling depressed from implications like oldness or sickness. We accomplished our goals with large handling surfaces that are easy to use, and neatly packed aesthetic looks.


We went through the processes of market analysis, field research with elders, patients, patient carers and everyday home users in order to designate which criteria we should focus on.We observed standard equipment usage process. The track record was done manually on a notebook if done. The tools had a medical look which imposed negative psychology and seemed messy if placed visibly so they were hid in cupboards. Handling was an issue for users with decreased motor function skills.

The user measures the physical conditions they need with one or all of the three separate devices.  For measuring the blood pressure, the cuff is taken out of its cabin on the main body. After the measurements, the results can be seen and recorded on the monitor to keep the track. When the user is done, they place the individual items back to their places and the cuff inside the main body, then place the kit neatly back to where it stands.

The project started on January  2018. In april the design was decided on and the engineering process started. In may the prototype was ready and in June the moulding process started. All the stages took place in Istanbul, Turkey.

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