Armon V10 Received The Good Design Award From Design Turkey

Armon V10 received the Good Design Award from Design Turkey. The award was handed by Ismail Gülle, the president of Turkish Exporters Assembly, to Ali Sahinkaya and Halit Ekici, representing Arman Design. 

Armon is a multi-factor and configurable access control reader that combines different identification technologies. Its minimal design language and the functional components that are linked in unity provide the user with a strong product perception.

As modern living spaces such as open offices, smart buildings, and shared spaces increase, the need for technologies that facilitate circulation increase as well. This need is widespread in all sectors for the purpose of facility security, use of restricted areas and tracking flexible working schedules. Armon V10, with its modular structure, incorporates NFC card, phone, QR code and fingerprint reader technologies simultaneously, and fully satisfies this emerging need. The user-friendly design language stands out in an architectural texture. The product consists of multiple components that can respond to different assembly options and allows further development in product technology. Due to this flexibility, Armon V10 can be diversified and adjusted to different requirements. The product provides the user ease through multiple identification options; it resolves any hardships that security procedures cause in daily life.

Distinctiveness and Innovation
Armon is designed to respond to a variety of usage scenarios and the developing technology. It is a digital access solution that replaces inefficient security applications. Its flexibility provides efficiency for layered security requirements.

Benefits For The User
Different functional units are brought to use with the right ergonomy. The access verification agents are positioned in an intuitively understandable way. The verification feedback through sound and light is incorporated in the design with unity.

The form considers that the details of our surrounding are a defining aspect of our mood. The sleek and compact design pursues aesthetics in futuristic yet organic lines, inviting into a friendly and high quality experience.

Product Strategies and Process Story
After analyzing and identifying user needs, Armon V10 was designed from concept sketches until filan form. The engineering process and production management was carried out by Arman Design as well. You can view the journey of this product and the strategies we developped in the process on our Product and Production Strategies page.

You can view the product in more detail from here.

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