World’s Most Valuable Brands 2020 and Their Brand Strategies

Global companies appeal to an international base by the use of brand strategies, immersive user experiences and human centered design principles. According to experts, creating a likeable brand identity is the key to having a successful business in the 21th century. The report “Global Top 100 Most Valuable Brands” by WPP and Kantar Milward Brown analyzes brand success through the lens of consumers. As a result this report is highly anticipated every year that is prepared on the basis of many metrics, especially interviews with consumers, consumers’ brand perception and financial performance analysis. Below are the results we have gathered here the brand strategies followed by the biggest company of 2020 to inspire you.

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1. Creativity

Have a style that appeals to your target users. So set new trends in the area you work in. Companies that offer unique solutions fare better in the market when compared to their competitors.

“TikTok, the social media application that allows its users to share cheerful and short videos, has become the most exciting brand new to the top 100 brands list this year.”- BrandZ

2. Optimism

Use your voice to spread positivity to the World because optimism will allow you to differentiate your brand from competitors. Optimistic brands are able to offer more positive user experiences overall.

3. Purpose

Decide on a purpose that explains your goal as a brand because of having a strong brand purpose will help you stand out and establish your place in the market. Customers who share your values will elevate your brand to an international stage.

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4. Do Check-Ups

Compare your brand goals with social trends and competitor goals. You can learn a lot from other brands. Observing trend shifts, checking up on finished products and investing into innovative projects will keep your brand on radar.

5. Take a Stand

Standby companywide values. Company values influence consumption preferences of the new generation users. Young consumers like to align themselves with brands and brand strategies who have similar values as themselves.

6. Innovation

Always aim to outdo your previous successes. Do not rely on the success of your current services and products, keep innovating. Buyers like brands which remain relevant in the market.

7. Community Building

Create and support communities that benefit from your products. Events that bring people together will increase your brand recognition and product demand. Consumers will learn strategy about your brand when they are involved in well-planned community activities.

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8. Legacy

Tell an intriguing brand story because intrinsic business values and attitudes can play an important part in your brand narrative. Successfully communicating a story will increase interest towards the brand as users are likelier to shop from well established brands.

9. Humility

Don’t introduce your brand as an infallible entity. You can earn your customers’ respect while getting assistance, working together and having a humble approach towards the industry. Consumers are like to shop from brands whose attitudes they can relate to.

10. Shoot for the Moon

Aim for the best and trust your team to achieve it. Moreover businesses which can overcome big hurdles are highly valued globally. Customers like to feel like they are part of a bigger vision when shopping.

11. Boundaries

Respect the personal boundaries of your users. With the rise of smart products and electronics brands are constantly collecting user information. Do not collect personal information from your users without their permission. Companies which respect user boundaries and personal space are always preferred by customers.

12. Minor Frictions

Plan minor positive frictions during the user journey to grab the attention of your users. Users will definitely remember surprises they meet along the journey. Surprises worth remembering will help you create a loyal user base.

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According to WPP and Kantar’s paper, twenty out of the top twenty-five brands are American. Additionally Chinese brands are rising on the list with the numerous innovations they are bringing to the global industry. Unfortunately, there are still zero Turkish brands on the international list. During the 2020 pandemic Top 100 Brands still managed to increase %6 percent in value equating to 277 billion dollars’ worth of growth totally.

Amazon is on top of the list in 2020.

For example Google which was at the top of the list in 2017 went back four spots this year, while Microsoft took the third spot with a 30% growth, reaching a total value of 327 billion dollars. Fifth on the list was Visa, the payment and financial services company worth 187 billion dollars. Amazon who is currently sitting on top of the list is worth 416 billion dollars alone.

The most valuable hundred brands follow the above marketing strategies to stay on the list. You too can compete on an international level by applying these strategies to your business. Take a look at the stories of companies we designed products and brand identities for.

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