Two Red Dot Design Awards To Arman Design

Red Dot Design Awards is one of the most distinguished design awards in the world. Arman Design sealed its success by winning two awards with two separate designs in 2014. The award-winning products are Fibermak Laser Cutting Machine and Armas Flare Lightbar.

Red Dot Design Awards, which are given each year in three different categories as Product Design, Brands and Communication Design and Design Concept. Red Dot rewards the best of the world of design. The expert Red Dot jury evaluates communication projects, concept designs and prototypes. In the end, RedDot award-worthy designs are on display at Red Dot Design Museums, online presentations and the Red Dot Design Yearbook.

Here are Arman Design’s Fibermak Laser Machine and Armas Flare Lightbar, which won awards in the “Product Design” category from the international jury:

Fibermak: Productivity Meets Perfection

Designed for Ermaksan, Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 is a metal processing machine resulting from Arman Design’s two-year intensive work. Working with laser cutting technology, this machine draws attention to its performance and excellent design. The rigid bridge of Fibermak, which has strong and durable pieces, can go up to 4G acceleration. With this feature, the product provides great advantages in passing through the parts. Overall, Fibermak achieves high tolerance processing in industrial areas.

Thanks to dynamic analyses and its excellence in design, Fibermak performs well and also increases productivity by an average of 15% per hour. As parts become more complex, the product becomes more efficient. This groundbreaking product continues to operate with great precision even under heavy conditions.

The details in high-performing Fibermak’s design and sections such as control panel, light safety barrier, and junction corner draw attention. Arman Design team that designed, engineered, and carried out the production management of this latest technology laser offers the best in customer experience design. Apart from this award, Fibermak won other prominent design awards, such as iF and Red Dot.

Two Red Dot Design Awards to Arman Design

Armas Flare: Turkey’s First Design Awarded Lightbar

Armas Flare, which brought Arman Design another prize in the RedDot Design Award, is a vehicle lightbar designed for use in police, ambulance, and security vehicles. This ceiling lightbar produced for Armas Electronics draws attention with its performance-oriented slim design. Armas Flare, which has a light and sound warning system, has a strong structure with a monoblock aluminum body.

This lightbar with different flash patterns can also communicate with other warning groups and siren systems with the RS232 communication protocol. Made by UV and impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic, this design combines aesthetics and functionality. Armas Flare provides great convenience to users as well as offers a unique experience with LED technology. In the end, Red Dot crowned Arman Design’s innovative approach and the way Armas Flare differentiated the sector.

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