Two Package Design Awards For Arman Design

Arman Design, the innovative brand of the design sector, was deemed worthy of awards in two categories during the “Crescents and Stars for Packaging Contest 2011” organized by the Packaging Manufacturers Association.

The contest highlighted the significance of packaging in creating comparative advantage of a company. Capable of influencing domestic and international markets, packaging design is a central element of the corporate identity.

Unique and successful designs were all evaluated on various criteria such as physical properties, visual appeal, information, hygiene, eco-friendliness and etc. Packaging designs that build an emotional bond with consumers and meet certain quality standards were scored according to the criteria.

The Crescents and Stars for Packaging Contest, the second of which was organized under the leadership of the “Packaging Manufacturers Association” (ASD) took place in 2011. A total of 109 projects competed in 10 different categories for Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in this contest.

The products produced and put on the market at home and abroad by Turkish firms were evaluated. Having participated in the contest in the categories of “Non-Food Product Packages” and “Graphics Design”, Arman Tasarım won awards in both categories.

While Ecolinn was the runner-up and won the Silver prize with its Biodegradable Cleaning Products Series in the “Non-Food Product Packages” category, the Biorichi Medical Cosmetics Series was awarded with the Bronze Prize in the “Graphics Design” category.

The brand management, all graphics works, and the design of marketing materials of Biorichi and Ecolinn products were carried out by Arman Design. Both works have received the appreciation of consumers thanks to the their R&D studies and new product investments.

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