Two Awards From Design Turkey

Arman Design won two design awards at Design Turkey, the largest and most important design competition of Turkey. For this competition the industrial design agency participated with two products in two different categories. Both products won the “Good Design” award. Now these two award-winning designs will be known with the Good Design label worldwide.

Arman Design produced “Arcode” Integrated Lift Control Unit for Arkel, and “Aura” Led Display System, which includes S-Matik, for Tümsaş. Both award-winning designs were manufactured by a very complex engineering process. Besides the exceptional works of design, engineering, electronics, mechanical design and programming were done by highly professional teams of both companies. In the end, results turned out to be very innovative.

First Award-Winning Design: Arcode Integrated Lift Control Unit

Arcode is a groundbreaking product in the elevator industry. This integrated lift control unit combines VVVF drive, control units and an evacuation system. Its direct landing feature provides comfort. Fast and simple installation system, easy updating and its multi-layered structure are some of the major conveniences it provides to users. Ultimately, Arcode attracted huge attention, and earned an award in 2012 Design Turkey.

Two Award Winning Designs from Design Turkey

Second Award-Winning Design: S-Matik Teller Automation

S-Matik Teller Automation offers solutions in customer flow management systems. It is the result of smart design decisions. This product can create a modular system without losing its form integrity, creating a maximum display area by forming a thin frame. S-Matik can be used both vertically and horizontally, and has an easy mounting for installation. At the same time, the product has locked side covers which can adapt to the corporate color palette. In general, S-Matik is a stylish, adjustable, sustainable and user-friendly design that fits the needs of public institutions such as banks and hospitals. Aura Led Display System, which also includes this remarkable design, was awarded in the Public Commercial Products category in Design Turkey in 2012.

About Design Turkey

First took place in 2008, Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards reward product designs in Turkey. These product designs care about user experience and satisfaction, and add value and as well as a competitive advantage to the product. This award program is organized in cooperation with Turkey’s Ministry of Trade, Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, and Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey within the TURQUALITY® Program. Designs awarded by Design Turkey are also approved by ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design).

Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards aim to create design awareness in industry and society. It also aims to promote award-winning designs through the award ceremony, exhibitions, publications, and media. It brings designers with the manufacturers in the industry. Moreover, it intends to contribute to the consumer demand of a well-designed product and increase the value of design. The award emphasizes where Turkey stands in the world of design, and contributes to the increase in the quality of life in Turkey. Overall, it helps to improve the industry, export, international branding, and industrial design in Turkey.

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