The Importance of Logo Design in Brand Identity

Logo is the strongest visual and / or verbal value a company has besides the brand name. Logo serves as the face of the brand. Just like how we get a first impression by only looking at the face of the person we met, logo has the same power of influence. So what does your logo tell us about your brand?

How Does Your Logo Design Reflect Your Brand Identity?

Logo design is the sum of fine details that influence brand perception and purchase decisions. The aim is to create a logo which is easy to distinguish, usable across different channels and effective no matter the size. Therefore, all elements including colors, shapes, fonts, should be accurately combined to reflect the brand’s message.

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Brand is an expression that defines the products/ services and differentiates them from its competitors with a promise of value to the consumers. Brands have customizable features and embody human characteristics such as strong, dynamic, reliable, elite etc. With this way, brands build emotional connections with people.

It is the value proposition and the distinct identity of the brand that makes it stand out in the market. The central element of identity is the institution’s logo. Logo is the first remarkable statement about the brand delivered to the consumer.

Identity directly affects consumer perception and decisions. If you do not have an identity, it means that you are not present in the eyes of the consumer. Due to a good design, the brand becomes more permanent in people’s minds.

The Value Added by the Logo to the Brand

An effective logo that accurately represents brand identity:

Must be an honest reflection of brand positioning and promise,

Should differentiate the brand from its competitors,

Should be easy to distinguish,

Be in a level to establish a relationship with the customer,

Should be based on a strong and creative idea,

Should be available in a variety of formats and shapes.

As a communication tool, the logo appears in different ways to the consumers and other stakeholders, including the company’s products, website, annual report, and business card. A successful logo design has the power to influence the consumer’s decisions. It attracts the attention of consumers, conveys the main message of the brand, and separates itself from its competitors, creating brand awareness.

It is important that it preserves its recognition from the smallest printed material to the size it is placed on a building and reflects the brand-related values directly to the consumer. Therefore, logo design should be considered as an important factor affecting brand performance and an opportunity to contribute to brand value.

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An Abstract Symbol or a Visual Reference?

A logo can be a depiction of the product or service sold, or it can be an abstract bit design. The logo that identifies the brand’s product or service contains text or visual design elements. For example, the logo of Burger King includes both the word “burger” and the image of hamburger bread and reflects the brand’s message to the consumer at first glance.

However, this is not the case for McDonalds, another fast food chain famous for its hamburger. The logo here does not include design elements describing the type of product and service sold. A brand can choose both ways in accordance with its own identity and strategy.

The main thing is to design a logo that can establish an emotional bond with people. The logo is a symbolic representation of the story produced for a company. Brand value is created by meeting the promises that will reach the minds and hearts of consumers correctly. Therefore, it would not be correct to reduce the logo designed to represent certain values to an aesthetic taste.

Azak Tools Logo Design
Azak Tools Logo
Azak Tools Logo Sketch

AZAK TOOLS is a circular saw brand with special technology used in metal production. The spiral-cutting spiral structure and the toothed saw form the main principle of the design language.

Brand Identities Develop and Change Over Time

Brand awareness refers to the registered perception of the brand in the consumer’s mind and it is important to keep this perception up to date. The comments and perceptions about the design change over time according to the innovations brought by the age.

In this case, the brands aim to renew their attractive images by updating their logos to maintain their place in the perception of the target audience. Sometimes companies develop and transform and need to reflect their new values in their images.

Shell Logo Change

In recent years, there are examples where some brands have rearranged their logos to be more or less descriptive. The fast food brand “Dunkin’ Donuts”, known for donuts and coffee, went to simplify its logo by removing the word “donut” and the coffee mug out.

In contrast, the television channel “Animal Planet” made its logo more descriptive by adding elephants.

Developments in the market and new cultural trends affect businesses and management models. The corporate brand identity, which is the representative of organizations, also renews itself over time. Design changes in this direction are also reflections of the brand strategy.

Ipek Shampoo Logo Design

As Arman Design team, we reflected the change process of İpek Shampoo, one of the brands that come to mind when it comes to shampoo, to logo and corporate identity design. Click here to see our project.

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