Talking Hands Empowers Signers for Effective Communication

Talking Hands is an innovative wearable technology product that translates sign language into spoken word. The sensors on the gloves detect the hand gestures in accordance with the Turkish sign language alphabet, and voice translation is carried out at the speech interface via mobile devices. The product acts as a bridge between signers and non-signers. The project aims to increase interaction and strengthen communication by opening a new communication channel in the public sphere.

Talking Hands Empowers Signers for Effective Communication

R&D Process

When we were first introduced to Talking Hands project, the technology wasn’t defined yet. Product technology is a key factor that directly affects the product quality and the user experience. As Arman Design, we focus on creating innovative solutions and discovering the unknown paths based on design thinking methods. Determining the appropriate technologies, correct parameters and production processes required a deep research process. The ergonomic glove and communication module were developed through industrial design and mechanical engineering processes. We conducted physical tests to enhance comfort and created new methods to improve the water and impact resistance. Customized gloves are manufactured with the machine we developed ourselves to prevent any hand movement limitations.

Talking Hands technology development process

Prototype Production

Prototype production is a very educational process for designers. Initially, designers evaluate the user experiences by producing a limited number of products. The prototype simulates the final product and helps designers to discover any errors or deficiencies before the commercialization process. The feedbacks provide valuable information for the designers to make further improvements or to add new features on the product before mass production. Various prototypes are tested with different materials and element. The decision finalizes the first stage of R&D process that is still developing. Beyond the first prototype phase, we continue to develop the product and produce customized gloves with our own machine to prevent hand movement limitations.

Talking Hands Glove Prototype Stage


Talking Hands enables signers to express themselves vocally. The product has two translation modes. The first option translates the signer simultaneously as he/she speaks and the second option translates the signer at the end of each sentence, correcting the grammar and sentence structure automatically. Gloves and over sleeves contain a total of 28 sensors to accurately detect each movement of the hands and the posture of the body. The large number of sensors will allow the product to become adaptable to other sign languages in the future. The device enables signers to define and add their unique words and abbreviations. Plus, users can learn and practice sign language through the application’s training module.

Talking Hands, a hand-wearable technology product translating sign language to voice commands


Talking Hands acts as an active translator to prevent communication disruptions between signers and non-signers. The technology aims to increase the participation of hearing and speech impaired individuals in the workforce, to facilitate social interaction and to strengthen communication skills. Thanks to the smart gloves and sleeves, Talking Hands empowers individuals with hearing or speech disorders.

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