Self Service Kiosk Designs in Volkswagen Arena

We believe that developing technologies and innovations should be used to improve the quality of the consumer experience. Based on this idea, as Arman Design, we designed many self-service kiosks with new technology for the system developed by Blackbox. One of these kiosk designs, Pozitif Live Ticketing Kiosk, appeals to purposes such as sales, check-in, and promotion. These self-service kiosks help you to participate in events, buy tickets, and enjoy your membership benefits at Volkswagen Arena.

An innovative approach with user experience at its focus forms the basis of our project. It is important to position and design while considering the technical details of technological equipments. We engineered this device by considering all these criteria. After engineering, kiosks were produced and placed at popular spots in Volkswagen Arena.

We believe that in-store technologies would bring an efficient working system and a possibility to move freely. We wholeheartedly believe that these products will provide comfort in a large and crowded area, like Volkswagen Arena.

Why Should You Prefer Self-Service Kiosk Designs?

In the past, concert or plane tickets were only available from officials waiting at box office windows, sometimes after waiting for very long queues. The fact that the ticketing system did not change as the population and events increased over the years put the customers in a difficult position. But now, self-service ticket kiosks are solutions in physical spaces.

Self-service kiosks with electronic payment solutions are at the service of members and users. Many venues such as concert arenas, stadiums, and museums can now provide a fast and quality service to the customers with these ticketing kiosks that speed up the payment process. These kiosks reduce the waiting times at queue lines and facilitate things for both the users and institutions.

The saved time achieved by reducing corporate workload and waiting times in queues affect customer happiness, especially on concert and event days. Kiosks that do not keep customers in long queues and consider customer satisfaction also reduce the cost per transaction. These self-service kiosks that enable everyone to buy tickets easily with their user interface design. Their functionality maintains customer satisfaction while adding value and profit to companies. With its ease of use to consumers, these kiosks provide a competitive advantage to companies.

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