Rosio Products at ExpoMed Health Fair

The products we developed for Rosio Medical were presented to the users at ExpoMed Fair. After the research and development (R & D) for about a year, Rosio Tens products met with professional users. These products, which separate from other products with their quality of design and technology, are brought to life in Rosio Medical’s production center in Turkey.

Combining methods in alternative medicine practiced for centuries with science and industry, Rosio came together with Arman Design, a leading design agency in customer-oriented products. Rosio products formed as a result of this cooperation care about users’ health and satisfaction everywhere, from homes to offices.

Rosio Ultra Tens Master

Ultra Tens Master, whose design and engineering have been carried by Arman Design, is significant as it is the first and only physiotherapy device made in Turkey. You can apply this device to your entire body. Its 10 special programs and 50 different modes allow you to perform tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and acupuncture therapy, and reflexology massage in your home.

The product increases and strengthens the resistance in the area where users are disturbed. Stimulating blood circulation in the problem area with its electro pads and half-hour massage sessions, Rosio Tens aims to increase the amount of oxygen and strengthen the muscles. Afterwards, the strengthened muscles will begin to repair. Massaging 3 parts of your body, Rosio Ultra Tens Master can also improve the poor blood circulation in your foot with a reflexology massage.

Rosio Ultra Tens Master relieves pain caused by herniated disc, cervical (neck) disc herniation, rheumatism, and calcification. This device can also be used for muscle strengthening after muscle and ligament injuries. Ultra Tens is your helpful friend in physiotherapy after surgery. For regular users, this device performs very well on deformations in arms, legs, and chest. This product gets rid of cellulite as well. Overall, Rosio Ultra Tens makes you look fit.

We have always kept user experience and satisfaction at the forefront in the engineering and product design of Rosio products. We made sure that Tens Master is understandable in 5 languages. At the same time, we aimed to help you relax even more during your tens therapy with music stored on the device. Offering a complementary therapy in users’ health problems, this product always thinks about the comfort of its customers.

Face Master

Face Master, which performs tens therapy to face-area, is for those who want their skin to look younger and more beautiful. Produced in Turkey, this device stops the ageing process and rejuvenates your skin with its 3 different ultraviolet rays and tens therapy. The red ray rejuvenates the skin with an anti-aging effect as well as brightens pale skin. Blue ray helps to remove acne and pimples. Purple ray combines the effects of the latter two, repairs damaged skin and works on acne and pimples.

Skin Master

Blackheads, are one of the most common skin problems. Medically known as “comedones”, blackheads are formed by residues when the makeup is not well cleaned. They can also form when particles caused by environmental pollution clog our pores. The term “blackhead” comes from how the dirt turns to black with oxidation.

Blackheads can be removed with proper skin care and cleansing. Rosio Skin Master is here for you to get rid of blackheads and have a glowing skin.

As Arman Design, we considered the health and comfort of the users during the product development process. Thanks to its vacuum feature and blue infrared rays, Rosio Skin Master gently cleans all the dirt in your pores. Then, the device soothes the skin. It is suitable for use on the most sensitive regions of the skin with its 3 different vacuum levels as well as narrow and wide heads.

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