Public Technology Design Facilitates Daily Lives

Products and devices that fall under the category of public technology design add value to daily experiences, provide flow of information and increase efficiency. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are widely used in the public sphere, and the new products increase their performance each day. As the dynamics of urban life change, the human-device interaction becomes diversified.

User-Centered Approach in Banking

ATMs, kiosks and digital signage are among the main examples of public technology design which have become an integral part of our social life, even though we are not always aware of it. Kiosks that provide information through form and content are concrete tools that help us understand a certain physical space. On the other hand, ATMs are frequently used by the inhabitants of the city to make money transactions.

These products have an important role in our daily lives and become a part of our social reality. In other words, people interact with these technologies every day and eventually build an emotional bond with these designs. Therefore, it becomes significant to determine the different ways of utilizing ICT technologies in the public sphere.

Design Constraints within the Public Space

Outdoor products and devices are exposed to many environmental and external factors. It is important to take preventive measures, considering the potential damages due to weather, vandalism and other factors. The most critical element in public technologies is undoubtedly security. Therefore, the design process should definitely give special importance to durability. Moreover, maintenance, repair, and operations should be integrated into the design strategy.

User-Centered Design Approach in Banking

With the increasing demand of customers for new and better products and services, it has become a necessity to develop technological solutions. Banking industry technology basically aims to provide an effective and efficient service to customers. Providing fast and secure access to critical information and meeting customers’ demands are essential. That’s how these tech devices provide great user experience and comparative advantage in the market. Turkey, as one of the leading countries in the banking industry, has developed the first virtual teller machine. Developed with an innovative approach, Video Teller Machine technology provided an alternative for many users.

Public technologies offer comprehensive solutions that improve urban life. In order to provide an effective user experience, designers and engineers should cooperate. Designers should be very careful about the details because details determine the service quality. Hassle-free user experience should be the aim and it should be in compatible with the user’s perception. Public technologies should be easy to understand because so many different people use these devices on daily basis. Many technical details, from the size of the screen to the angle of the screen, are carefully planned in accordance to the strict security standards.

Features of a Great Public Technology Design

An outdoor product should be compatible with landscape features, architectural structure and other visual elements. Every element that reflects the identity and visual integrity of the city should be carefully evaluated. On the other hand, the quality of the interface design has a decisive role on the efficiency of a product. Therefore, aesthetic features, ergonomic style and environmental compatibility are among the main issues. The practical, technical and creative aspects of design are very critical, especially in products that serve the public good. Within the scope of public technologies, industrial designers and engineers have the power to improve the life quality in a city.

Public Technologies Design

As Arman Design, we have developed many public technology projects so far. With their excellent design strategy, Function Fuel Dispenser and S-Matik Teller Automation have won good design award both in Turkey and international design competitions. From research process to quality management, we carefully complete all stages of product development. At the end, the product can effectively stand out due to various qualities such as modularity, ease of assembly, common product language, innovations in production and cost optimizations. You can visit our Public Technologies page to learn more about our projects and product development stories.

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