New Era in Public Transport Payment

Tailored to modern public transport needs, Nexo combines the driver console with a complete fare collection management device for on-board payments. The driver has the ability to adjust the screen position both on X and Y axis for optimum comfort in handling the device, regardless of the mounting position on every vehicle. Beyond the ergonomic consideration, the symmetrical design allows global use, whether in a country with right side driver’s seat or left. With its reduced space use, aesthetic design and robustness, this multi-functional tool is the device for today’s and future’s public transport.

During the research process that we conducted for our client Amco, market analysis and field research were implemented, and user needs were defined in the field. It was seen that there were two main devices on the bus for the driver and the passengers that were separate because different types of vehicles would need different placements. In addition to that, the single way to pay was through city cards that not all users found practical and repetitively lost.

We were able to create an innovative multi functional device that combines these two features. Also, multiple ways of on board payment methods from NFC card reader to QR code reader for electronic or printed tickets were built in together as different passengers required alternative methods of payment. We paid special attention to the driver console having a user-friendly interface for ease of use. 

Combining two different devices in a way that would fit different types of vehicles was the main challenge. Bringing together different payment methods in a symmetrical way was again an innovation that we had to work for in especially the engineering process. Another aspect to take into consideration was the continuous vibration in the bus, effecting usage.

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