New Brand Identity with Refreshed Corporate Logo

Our constantly developing company always generates new ideas & projects and is open to innovation. By renewing our own logo, we continue this development in corporate identity.

With our new corporate logo, we hope to show the creative, innovative, beautiful, sensitive, developing, flexible, and fun world of design, our ever-changing production industry and the bright future of industrial product design.

A new logo represents a significant change in the positioning of the brand at the same time. The logo was designed for a clearer perception, and special typography and capital letters were preferred along with the brand symbol.

A well-designed logo is catchy; it makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. This positively affects the brand’s recognition and branding process. This recognition strengthens the bond with the product or brand and establishes a positive feedback from the customer.

One of the aspects that do not change in our corporate identity is our color orange, which we love very much. With its enthusiasm in life, “color orange” is about adventure and risk-taking, inspiring physical trust, competition and independence.

Enthusiasm: Orange is the color of an extrovert; optimistic and free.

Regeneration: Orange helps to restore our balance with physical energy.

Courage: Orange helps us consider our obligations, face the results, take action, make appropriate changes, and then move forward and up.

Vitality: Orange has a more balanced energy than red. It is not passionate and aggressive; instead, it is full of vitality.

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