Key Insights on a Good Design Strategy

Arman Design, by means of the design thinking approach, aims to create value to brands throughout the product development and commercialization processes. But, how do we prove the worth of that value we put forth in an environment where many businesses still consider the term “design” as strictly visual? At this point, design strategy comes into play.

What is Design Strategy?

Design strategy is a planning process where creative solutions meet with business goals. This process is far beyond just aesthetics. In other words, design thinking is used as a problem solving method.

For us, design strategy means seeing the entire scene from a vantage point of multi-disciplinary experience. It also is about handling the challenge creatively, beyond a traditional analytical approach. This is how we create value and growth for our clients.

Companies are usually unaware of the massive decision-making process required for manufacturing a product. You can depend on our extensive experience in shaping the ideal roadmap for your product. We speak the language of our manufacturers and push them forward with every project we work on. We even co-invent new materials and production techniques for better product solutions. For us, an idea is only as good as its execution.

Arman Design Team with a Good Design Strategy

How Can a Great Design Strategy Benefit Your Company?

Design strategy that we interiorized involves a unity in decision-making on all stages from the research to cost efficient production. As Arman Design, we determine the correct product you should invest in and commercialize it successfully.

Having designers and engineers collaborating back and forth in every stage makes sure production and commercialization to be accomplished as smooth as it gets. The advantages of having a multi-disciplinary team working in unison are innumerous. With 20 years of experience in a vast range of sectors and all phases of product realization, we are here to serve you our extensive know-how.

The broad scale of our work has taught us many ups and downs of product development process from ideation to product launch. We endure instead of you to offer the golden benefit, and shortcut the time and costs of a painful trial and error period.

Arman Design Team that Adds Value to Brands with Design Strategies

Arman Design has been serving innovation for over twenty years as a creative consultancy. We design to improve life and deliver distinctly better experiences. Having won over 20 major design awards, we’ve helped companies create their unique brands by delivering multi-faceted products in alignment with their end users desires.

With the new content we have published about our take on design strategies, you can review all the processes that we mentioned earlier in a more comprehensive manner. You can now take a closer look at the planning and execution phases of our award-winning designs. In this way, you can have a better idea of the value that we can put forth for your business.

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