Keeping the Social Distance with MESS-Safe for Tomorrow’s Work Environment

As production processes and working models transform across the world, it becomes more and more important to adapt to the new normal. MESS-Safe is an innovative project developed by Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries (MESS). The industrial design and engineering work are done by Arman Design. The project helps to maintain the social distance thus, enabling a healthy and efficient working model. By putting occupational health and safety at the heart of the project, MESS aims to keep interaction during the production process under control.

Changing Dynamics of Business

Post-pandemic normalization process surely involves some strict measures which will introduce new rules within the society. We need innovative methods to make social distance the norm. In order to break the past habits in the work environment, effective products can be used to systematize the rules of the future.

Technological Transformation Project by Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries

With its 60 years of experience and knowledge, MESS aims to achieve sustainable production and maintain employment through MESS-Safe. Their first product ensures social distancing rules on the workplace, facilitating adaptation to the new normal.

How Does MESS Safe Work?

MESS Safe consists of a product that can be worn around the neck or mounted on a belt, and a mobile app. The application measures the distance between employees via Bluetooth technology and offers a solution for integrating the social distance rule into the business life.

Mess-Safe Industrial Product Development

The Social Network Map

The product also has an evaluation system in which employees receive a success score. The product allows to track and report interaction within the work environment. This way, it becomes more effective to give instructions and make administrative arrangements. Inside the management panel, social network maps can be found and each employee can be identified.

Physical Distance of One Meter

With the support of wearable products and mobile technology, it becomes easier to respond to an urgent need. Employees can effectively use their equipment while protecting occupational health and safety. If employees violate the one meter social distancing rule, then visual and auditory warning mechanisms get activated.

Mess-Safe Product Design and Engineering to Maintain Social Distance

In the transition period to the “new normal”, we continue to embrace the life-centered approach and design thinking methods. Especially in this process, we are aware that effective community management in business life will bring positive economic results.

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