Industrial Design as an Investment: Form, Harmony, Function and More…

As Arman Design, it is important for us to build emotional connection between product and user.

We optimize all factors affecting form, harmony and function in order to maximize the user experience. We believe that’s how visually attractive and ergonomic designs are formed. If these factors successfully bring together, the product will surely perform better on the market. Therefore, industrial design has a key role in product development strategy.

A successful design team influences the design language, corporate identity and the business strategy. Therefore, designers are able to conduct market research and provide insights about market trends and consumer preferences.

Comprehensive team of designers and engineers work together to create usable, producible, cost-effective and innovative products.

We embrace a multi-disciplinary approach and include all the other important stakeholders to the product development process. Arman Design team is experienced in different production techniques, materials and functionalities which cover all stages of design, engineering, quality and production. We work closely with engineers to determine the optimal cost strategy and offer different production scenarios.

Industrial design should begin at the early stages of product development, identify and capture technological opportunities. It should also meet the market expectation and adapt to changes. This way, innovative designs create competitive advantage in the relevant business sector and increase return on investment. In our strategic design agency, we take a comprehensive approach to product development including all three elements of form, fit and functionality.

There are several ways to evaluate a successful industrial design: Calculating product’s profitability, determining how much the product meets the user expectations, developing a responsible and sustainable business model…

The value added by the design is a combination of all these factors. Industrial design is a total of all important factors that add value to a company. Our wide range of experience ensures that as a team, we get most out of each discipline that adds value to a brand. We manage the whole process from manufacturing to marketing. That’s why industrial design cannot be limited to solely visual appeal.

It is equally wrong to both reduce engineering to just numbers and associate designers with only pleasure and emotion. Ultimately, industrial design is about innovation.

If product development consists of separated process instead of a cohesive one, then it will most probably lead to the disassociation of the primary vision and the final product.

Arman Design develops an interdisciplinary working model which strengthens the relationship between industrial design and engineering. Thus, industrial product design goes beyond a technical drawing and gets included to a process that promises commercialization. About 90% of our products succeed at commercialization. This outstanding success rate is due to our multi-disciplinary team and wide range of experience in various sectors. If you would like to learn more about the product development process here in Arman Design, watch our video.

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