Evaluating Covid-19 through Design Thinking Methods

As Covid-19 continues to spread globally, all designers and design thinkers feel the responsibility to search answers and find solutions. In this distinct period of time, the importance of “design thinking” emerges once again. As designers or design firms, we must develop fast and effective solutions!


We need to create with empathy now more than ever. Empathic thinking has always played a decisive role in identifying problems and needs. Today it is extremely important to build a sense of unity. Therefore, a creative approach supported by emphatic thinking will surely make a big difference.


We can turn our current problems into opportunities by deepening our life-centered thinking. Design for life and you may change the course of the future. Focusing on the big picture, we should seek out the best possible ways that benefits us all. It’s time to consolidate the power of design, taking into account the planet and future generations.


In times of crisis, creative problem solving is the key. Even the most difficult problems can be resolved with the right methodology and creativity. In order to make a creative impact, ideation process should combine both analytical and intuitive thinking. That’s how innovative solutions arise during difficult times.

How to make a Face Shield
How to make a Face Shield
How to make a Face Shield

On the front side of the coronavirus outbreak, healthcare workers have the most risk of getting infected, and masks are not enough to protect them. Protections should cover the full face including the mouth, nose, and around the eyes.

As Arman Design team, we developed a suggestion to meet the needs of both healthcare professionals and other individuals who have to go out. We aimed to increase the protection level of users all over the world with the Face Shield concept design. You can make this shield in just 5 minutes with easy-to-find materials and give it to healthcare staff at nearest hospital or use it yourself.

How to make a Face Shield
How to make a Face Shield
How to make a Face Shield
How to make a Face Shield
How to make a Face Shield

How to make a Face Shield in 5 minutes?

How to make a Face Shield

Practical Face Shield Layout

Reframing Design Thinking on Broader Terms

Design thinking is more than creating beautiful objects, it is actually a problem solving method. Therefore, design thinking can be used to solve practical problems that are not conventionally related to design.

Empathy, brainstorming, prototyping, testing and all the other techniques can be used to develop a comprehensive understanding for this distinct period of time that we are currently in.

Information flow is intense these days. It is critical to make accurate conclusions out of quantitative and qualitative data. The design field has valuable approaches and criteria for collecting qualified data. Another important thing is to know the ways to integrate these ideas and methods into the system properly. By utilizing the strengths of design thinking during this phase, innovative solutions and suitable regulations will emerge.

Design thinking has the power to make a positive impact on the human health. Accepting the fact that different users have different needs, design thinking will play a major role in defining the needs of the healthcare system.

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