Arman Design Won an iF Design Award 2021

The iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 winners were announced by the jury. Arman Design’ product for Arvento Mobile Technologies “imt.x55 Vehicle tracking device”  received an iF Design award. Applicants were awarded after a tough selection process, the largest iF jury panel with nearly 10000 applications. Due to the pandemic, the competitors were  evaluated online for the first time in  history. 


Award winner imt.x55 tracking device

The product Developed by Arman Design  won an iF Design award in the category of industrial equipment. Imt.x55, a member of Arvento vehicle tracking products family, is a high-tech product developed for professional cargo tracking, safe and effective operation management. Imt.X55 is a pioneer in the world with the technology of Arvento Company, which is developed by Turkish engineers and enables monitoring of loads such as containers all over the world.

The imt.x55  is a compact device that allows the user to customize the parameters related to the tracking plan, activated with a single button. The product’s basic needs such as durability against external conditions, material strength and operability assurance come to the forefront.  The form language designed in accordance with these expectations, engineering approach and material properties met the criteria of the jury and became one of the designs. The design strategy of the device is based on an approach emphasizing functionality and reflecting engineering to the style language in a balanced way.


The iF Design team was professionally prepared for the digital jury evaluation system: the two-stage jury evaluation was completed with the “Online Pre-Selection” and then the “Final Jury” vote. With the newly developed “iF digital jury tool ©” (specially developed jury panel software) and the “iF scorecard” system, the jury evaluation was easily, transparently and fairly managed by 98 independent design experts in more than 20 countries.

Unfortunately, the winners of this year’s pandemic cannot come together at the celebration ceremony planned to be held in Berlin. iF Design is preparing to introduce award winners with digital projects to be realized around the world. The presentation of the winners will begin on May 10, 2021, which is determined as the day of the award ceremony.

Jurors for 2021:


Product values ​​such as durability, durability and precision in the device with design details. The surface, which meets the waterproofing criteria, has a shock absorbing feature against environmental impacts. Produced from colored (yellow) material, this component was shaped to emphasize the contours of the product. The bright facade of the product, which reflects the corporate identity and product identity, is retracted in a way that is environmentally protected and the screen is programmed away from impacts. The glossy front surface brings the attributes of the two materials side by side, separating the user interface and brand space from the matte body.

Symmetrical cuts on the sides provide recesses for easy grip, while ridges protect the user’s fingers from the magnetic base.


The imt.x55, unlike the previous generation product, has improved its technology and usage features and become programmable with a single button. The user can easily activate the product by following the parameters in the plain screen search. Unlike products in the similar category, the user interface aims to communicate with the user and to easily customize the monitoring parameters. It eases the workload of employees by providing easy understanding and programming of the product status in field conditions and open areas.


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