Ae-Maestro Wins The Good Design Award!

We’re proud to announce that Ae-Maestro, the contactorless integrated lift controller we designed for Aybey Electronics won a 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award. Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN remains the oldest and the world’s most recognized program for design excellence worldwide.

Industrial Design of Good Design Awards Winner Ae Maestro

Constantly evolving industrial technology, the recurring need for upcoming modifications, and the need for user-friendly operation inspired this controller to come forward with a brilliant and compact design solution. As an integrated lift control system, Ae-Maestro brings together two different function boards in one device. This innovative contactorless system yields important advantages compared to other products. The well-packed robust design reflects a diamond cut style and extensively considers the operator’s accessibility. Ae-Maestro offers a much simpler application but more intelligence in operation.

Ae Maestro Industrial Product Design

Ae-Maestro contains multiple technical enhancements compared to its competition. The contactorless control system brings on three important assets: Significantly silent operation, a reduction in used material cost, and the extended life-cycle. The product can be used for all types of electric lifts and is in conformity with European Lift Standards.

Ae Maestro Industrial Product Design Detail

In Ae-Maestro’s design, easy operability is well considered. The lower cover panel is removable without any use of screws, allowing quick access for modification. The hand terminal on top can extend through a cable in order to facilitate the operator’s maintenance process. This sets the operator free from having to go back and forth between the lift and the control unit. Thirdly, the front panel displays some important inputs in detail, showing the required data directly.

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