Designing the Products of  Future: Trends in Industrial Design


Murat Armağan // Arman Design General Manager

Dr. Alpay Er // Chairperson of Industrial Design Department – Özyeğin University (OzU)
Semiha Kan // President Industrial Designers Society – Istanbul Branch


The only three-dimensional objects Design objects sturdy? Or even with the most powerful doctrines starts Did all claims bill?

Philosophy, literature, architecture, art and design based on each idea.

And the design is influenced by the circumstances of the time, like everything else where. Flows creates people. What is the ideology of the era of innovation? This ideology has produced a new design forms / school possible?

Materialism it is so dominant a hundred years to the hungry masses consumption Is it created a new aesthetic language ignoring the designer / artist? It can make it sustainable without touching the society?

Salt is the originality of freedom and liberty that separates art but is now perhaps a new utopia.


Maybe new technologies will expand our area of ??freedom, taking the place of ideolojileşerek or ideology.

Design enters into circulation by empathy When people meet. Significantly expands the sphere of circulation can meet those needs. This fundamental capitalist principle but still touching people, but can be overcome by designing things that are not yet aware of its artists. changing patterns in the game, but the game is actually possible to maintain the originality.

Possible but quite challenging task. And it requires an individual and collective movement instead of individual outputs interdisciplinary synergy.

The revolutionary design starts with a vision. Products, services, design and material of the object is easy as relative. Fed from society but is not easy to lead a new movement that drove him away to the back of beyond. Perhaps the trends in all the independent sector is very united to form a common language in the not too distant future, it will create a new wave of the future and will design the human ...

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