Galia Paddle Box

Galia Paddle Box

  • Customer Gribina, Istanbul
  • Year 2014
  • Services Research, Concept Design, Industrial Design

Range Hood Design

Great Solutions for Modern Kitchens

These elegantly designed range hoods offer integrated systems with multifunctional and innovative details. They bring style, convenience and craft to your kitchen. Galia products have been carefully designed to filter the odor and moisture formed as a result of the cooking processes. Extractor hoods are very useful as they provide fresh air inside the kitchen. Arman Design aims to offer the most ideal solutions for your kitchen with a modern touch, in the process starting from research to design.

Research Concept Design Industrial Design
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Range hoods, which are frequently used with white goods in modern kitchens, are presented to users in all types of kitchens with different sizes and models. They are also called as kitchen hoods, extractor hoods, cooker hoods, stove hoods, vent hoods, ventilation hoods or fume extractors. These eliminate the smells of food with the power of attraction and ventilate your kitchen. There are a few criteria to consider when choosing the ideal range hood design.

Choosing the Ideal Product

When choosing the best extractor hood model for your home or workplace, the size of your kitchen, the frequency of use of the hood, and the extractor hood’s loudness are important. The extraction rate also varies according to the size of the range hoods. If you are buying a range hood for a place where a large number of dishes are cooked, such as a restaurant, you should get the one with high extraction rate. A quality range hood design minimizes the risk of fire and ensures the safety of life and property. Cecilia is among the examples of quality extractor hoods with its various colors and modern design.

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